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Marketing and Sales

The main points that should be considered in the perspective of an industrial unit are activities in the market demand for the goods that are produced within a certain application in that industrial unit.
Neyzar Qom Cement Company was always in harmony with the requests of the consumer’s market in the region to produce the appropriate product to respond to market demand. With special attention to this important part of the project, until operation and also during the operation phase, company has been very responsive to the needs of the existing customers and with having different packing methods such as bulk (in cement bunkers), package, and big packages (big bags) has responded to this important. 
Also attention to quality is an effective factor in attracting and retaining customers that has always been of interest to managers in the company. As in this area to achieve the national standard criteria of Iran in order to provide better customer satisfaction, achieving superior quality and long-term strategy for the company’s operations are based. As nowadays company’s products are considered as high quality and welcomed by customers. Marketing and sale department of Neyzar Qom Cement Company has always insisted on having honest and constructive communication with partners and honoring their ideas. 
Neyzar Qom Cement Company in line with obtaining its customers satisfaction has started the plan to optimize and increase the capacity. Following the above mentioned statement, the current distribution and sale system is being done based on a special distribution system in the province to ensure that different department’s consumers have access to this product. Neyzar Qom Cement Company’s products are being distributed based on the provided system. All the public sector needs for the limited personal buildings is being done by agents that are spread in all areas of the province. Cement sales is being done via in-person meeting, for more information please contact the sales department of factory using the following information: 
Sales Fax: 0252367-5514
Telephone number:0252367-5512