• Ekbatan Cement Co.
  • Neyzar Qom Cement Co.
  • Faraz Firouzkuh Cement Co.
  • Espandar Lime Complex Co. (Alborz)
  • Espandar Lime Complex Co. (Azarshahr)
  • Arta Ardebil Cement Co.
  • Transportation Company Of Amn Tarabar Almas Espandar



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Factory manufactures all types of cements including: Cement type 1-425 , type 2 and 5

Cement Type 1-425

This cement also has public expenditure and the only expectation that consumer has over cement type 1-325 is higher resistance which this cement's two days resistance is at least 100 kg/cm2 and its 28 days resistance is at least 425 kg/cm2. 

Cement Type 2

This cement is defined as a modified Portland cement and has a moderate resistance when facing sulfates attacks. Also the heat of hydration process of this cement at the time of concrete tightening takes less time and this cement is one of the types with less hydration heat. 
This cement is being produced beyond the quality of standards in the factory.


Portland Cement Type 5

This cement is known as a high resistance cement against known sulfates attacks. Therefore, in the cases that changing the concrete to Sulphate is threating, this type of cement can be used. Known characteristic of this type of cement is sulfate expansion of concrete and its percentage which is 0.04% in 14 days at the most.