• Ekbatan Cement Co.
  • Neyzar Qom Cement Co.
  • Faraz Firouzkuh Cement Co.
  • Espandar Lime Complex Co. (Alborz)
  • Espandar Lime Complex Co. (Azarshahr)
  • Arta Ardebil Cement Co.
  • Transportation Company Of Amn Tarabar Almas Espandar

Company’s Background

Neyzar Qom Cement Company (corporation) was registered for an unlimited time under the registration number of 3847 with the name of Neyzar industrial cement company in Qom’s corporations and industrial properties registration office on 05/24/2003 at the beginning. Name of the company was changed to Neyzar Qom Cement Company under an agreement at the corporations and non-commercial companies’ registration office on 08/24/2004. Also because of a high priority general meeting agreement dated 16/11/2009, the financial year of the company was changed from 20/03 to 21/12. Neyzar Qom Cement Company is currently a commercial sub unit of Espandar Cement Investment Company (ECIC). The address of the company’s head quarter is: 3rd Floor, No.112, between Ariya and Aghayi Street, Western Lavasani (Farmanieh) street, Tehran, Iran and factory’s address is: 45 Km Qom – Isfahan former road, Qom province. Neyzar Qom Cement Factory has been put into operation with the operation permit of one million ton in September 2011. 

Company’s thread activity

Company’s thread activity according to article 2 of the statute is as follows:
1- Construction, purchasing, installation, commissioning, and operation in cement factories.
2- Exploration, extraction, operation, and exploitation of the related licenses for all the required mines.
3-Production of any building materials and creation of the related production workshops.
4-Purchasing, education, and transferring any license for producing.
5-Marketing, transportation, distribution, selling, and exporting various products of the company.
6-Participating in other companies through establishment of new businesses or buy new companies’ shares or equity commitment.
7-Performing all the financial transactions and business operations that are directly or indirectly related to any of the above objects.