• Ekbatan Cement Co.
  • Neyzar Qom Cement Co.
  • Faraz Firouzkuh Cement Co.
  • Espandar Lime Complex Co. (Alborz)
  • Espandar Lime Complex Co. (Azarshahr)
  • Arta Ardebil Cement Co.
  • Transportation Company Of Amn Tarabar Almas Espandar

Company's Mission

Espandar Cement Investment and subsidiary companies’ mission statement

We are alive to create value for our shareholders in the long term through creating a business that will enhance the commercial brand of Espandar Company.
As the largest producer of cement in private sector in Iran, Espandar cement Investment Company gives new power to cement industry in Iran. We do this by producing cement and related building products with the best quality that creates value for our customers and us.
We work based on a common policy among our companies which include a commitment to transparency in its functioning, stability, increase social welfare, innovation, quality, and ultimately is a comprehensive and sustainable development. 
We are trustable partners for the communities in which we work and live. Because of the job opportunities that we create, our active community involvement in social issues and supervision and monitoring of the environment and resources, for future generations, brings stability and lasting value. 
We with the commitment to unlock all the potential talent of our employees and partners will provide the groundwork for the development of people. 
We declare our shareholders and in particular, customers, distributers and suppliers in the construction industry as our partners and we are trying to engage them in the decision-making process. 
Our mission is to set highest customer satisfaction standards in the cement industry by providing innovative products and services. 
Our success depends on our clients’ success. We always try to anticipate customers’ needs and meet their challenges to create a sustainable value. Our ability to take advantage of the benefits of new technologies allows us to provide innovative solutions, create sustainable value for our customers and to strengthen relationships with them. 
Our company to provide solutions, innovative products and processes in the cement industry to meet the future needs of our customers and new ways to do business with the goal of providing the best customer service is a leader.
Employees are our greatest asset and the key to our success is their skill and enthusiasm. To develop these capabilities, we strive to create a working environment that fosters personal and professional development and also a culture that respects individuals and values creativity and teamwork. 
Espandar is committed to sustainable development that meets current needs, without threatening the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We actively strive to improve our performance and take up our understanding of the challenges that we face in this area. 
We are committed to provide education, appropriate information systems to create a safe and healthy workplace to ensure that our activities will not be any danger to health or the environment.