لوگوی سیمان نیزار قم
لوگوی سیمان نیزار قم
لوگوی سیمان نیزار قم
لوگوی سیمان نیزار قم
لوگوی سیمان نیزار قم
لوگوی سیمان نیزار قم
لوگوی سیمان نیزار قم
لوگوی سیمان نیزار قم
لوگوی سیمان نیزار قم
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Neyzar Qom Cement Company

Neyzar Qom Cement Company is a subset of Espandar Holding, which is the only cement holding owned by the private sector in the country.

Neyzar Qom Cement Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was established in 2003 and since October 2011 has been producing various types of gray cement in types one, two, five and lime and masonry cement with the best quality. Cement production capacity in Neyzar Qom factory is one million tons of gray cement per year and this unit is the only cement production unit in Qom province due to its privileged geographical location, rich raw materials mines, up-to-date cement production technology and also the use of Specialized personnel and process optimization have been able to play a special role in meeting the needs of cement in the central part of the country by producing and selling products in accordance with the needs of consumers.

Neyzar Qom Products and Services

The result of the chemical reaction of limestone, clay and other additives under intense heat treatment in a furnace, which usually contains calcium silicate and aluminate. To produce gray clinker, raw materials such as iron oxide, clay, etc. are combined with limestone.

The result of grinding and mixing clinker and other additives (gypsum, slag, etc.) in a cement mill. Portland cement is the most common type of cement.

If the type of cement is not specified, type one cement is considered. This type of cement is used in situations with a low risk of sulfate attack and is used in the manufacture of ordinary concrete.

1-325: 28-day resistance of this cement is 325 kg / cm2

1-425: The 28-day resistance of this cement is 425 kg / cm2

This type of cement has the largest share of production in the country. This type of cement has low hydration heat and must be resistant to moderate sulfate attacks. Type 2 cement is used in groundwater systems with a high percentage of sulfate.